UPSC Mains Book List

Book List needed for your mains. (more…)

UPSC Prelims – Book List

These are the book list enough to clear the upsc civil services - preliminary examination. (more…)
I cannot remember anything I studied? 5 Tips to overcome this  

I cannot remember anything I studied? 5 Tips to overcome this  

Whenever I interact with any aspirant, the first complain he/she might shoot me, “Sir I am forgetting everything after reading Laxmikanth several times. What can I do? Can I overcome this? (I am taking Laxmikanth as an Example....
How to prepare for IAS

Zero to Hero – The Right strategy to clear civil services Examination- Beginner Series. 

Now, You have completly decided to take up the civil services. But don't know how to start the preparation. No worries. You will get everything in a few minutes of reading.  (more…)
How to start answer writing mains

Steps to start and improve answer writing

1. Start covering core syllabus/ subjects Before you start writing your answers, you have to study the static subjects with current affairs to understand the topic's importance, and it will be easier to frame your answers. 2. Daily...

How to Take Notes from The Hindu or Indian Express – Practical Guide.

Reading a Newspaper is mandatory for any aspirant who preparing for UPSC civil service examination. It is not advisable to skip the newspaper reading, at any cost. It helps you to stay update even after you enter the...

Strategy for Geography – Prelims 2021

Geography is the very easiest subject if you understand the subject. But the questions in the prelims were reduced in recent years. Most of the questions are map-based. It means they give some city, sea, strait, or location...

Strategy for Environment- Prelims 2021

The environment is one of the core subjects. Every year UPSC asks more questions from this area. You should well verse with nature, Ecosystem, Bio-Diversity, and Wild animals, Pollution and International conventions, etc.  You can expect 10 questions...

Strategy for Indian Economy – Prelims 2021

Indian Economy is the core area for UPSC. 10 to 16 Questions will be reflected in the Prelims paper. Everyone complains the Indian Economy is tough to read and its very difficult to understand the terms. But believe...