South China Sea – A Definitive Guide

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Genetically Modified Crops (GM) – From History to Now

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How to Prepare for IAS – Tips for Prelims and Mains

Lakhs of aspirants striving hard to clear the civil service examination. Even doctors, Engineers, IT corporate employees seems to turn around the civil service examination. Because of its power, prestige and social responsibility nature, it is the most...

How to prepare myself for UPSC IAS Interview – Diamond Tips

The interview is an important level of Civil Service Examination. Because your selection is complete from the interview itself. Most canditates are nervous by the name of interviews; they do not understand how to prepare for the interview. So for such candidates,...

How to Prepare for CSAT – Paper 2

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Benefits of Test Series in UPSC IAS Exams

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Duties, Power and Responsibilities of an IAS Officer

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UPSC Syllabus – Civil Service Exam -Prelims, Mains and Interview

UPSC syllabus for Civil Service Examinations can be found in this page. Aspirants can use this page by taking print out or by bookmarking this page in your chrome or firefox browser. Syllabus of individual optional subjects will...