UPSC Geography Optional Syllabus – Civil Services Mains Exam

Aspirants those who have taken Geography as your optional can use this page to check your Upsc Geography Optional Syllabus. (more…)

Top 10 avoidable Mistakes in Civil Service Preparation

Are you Preparing for civil service examination? These are the top 10 common avoidable mistakes to clear this examination. Usually, candidates use to do whatever they think in their mind in their preparation. But, that's not the way...

One Rank and One Pension

What is One Rank and One Pension One Rank One Pension (OROP) is the payment based on pension for the military officers with the same ranks along the same service based on the date of retirement. Normally, OROP...

What are the Effects of demonetisation?

Anti-corruption measures turned out to be very popular with Modi. For the Indians, the belief that Modi is aggressively fighting black money is much more important than the minor difficulties they may suffer. Demonetization in India But the...

Indian Polity – Making of Constitution

Every Indian citizen should know the making of Indian Constitution at this time. Without the “Constitution” India would not be able to run the Center and state this much smooth. Constitution laid the default principles, which how an...

Cauvery water dispute – UPSC

Again, South India is flowing on the water of Kaveri River. There have been violent demonstrations in Karnataka on the latest judgment of the Supreme Court. The protesters set fire to many trains in Bangalore and attacked government vehicles. The...

South China Sea – A Definitive Guide

In this article, we are here to discuss the in and out of the south china sea, which is already a burning issue for a while. Let's dive in. (more…)

Genetically Modified Crops (GM) – From History to Now

In today's article, we are here to discuss the Genetically Modified Crops which is also known as GM Crops. It is the fasted methodology adopted by the farmer's worldwide. In 2016, 95.6 million hectares Genetically modified crops were cultivated. ...

All about UPSC – Must read article

In this article, we are going to discuss something about UPSC. You might have heard people saying I am preparing for UPSC, So what does it literally mean. You could understand all the things related to UPSC in...