Interior of the Earth

Do you really know what is inside the Earth? Is the earth will be like a solid cricket ball or a hollow plastic ball. No worries. Earth is like solid cricket ball with lot many layers and minerals.

So how scientist came to an conclusion without reaching into the interior parts of earth. As you all know, no one can reach the center of Earth. It is too difficult to reach that much distance with now possible technology. Still now we have reached only 12Kms from the top surface of our Earth.

Coming back to our discussion, Scientist use to find out the interior parts, minerals, rock types of the Earth through two sources like

  1. Direct Sources
  2. Indirect Sources  

Direct Sources

The easiest way to judge our earth material is through solid rocks and rocks we get from the mining areas. Gold mines from the South Africa are most deep of 3-4km that human can go safely. Reaching more depth is not possible as it is very hot and high density.

Scientist around the world working on two major projects which leads to more findings about our earth.

  1. Deep ocean drilling project
  2. Integrated ocean drilling project

Integrated ocean drilling projects is an international maritime project which uses heavy drilling machines to drill the earth and collect samples from the interior parts of earth and used to find out the sub sea floor environment, earth process and effects and much more.

Deep ocean drilling project

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Volcanic Eruption

volcano smoke come out

You might hear about the Volcanic Eruption in the news. The footage which you have seen should be like smoke, dust, fire with hot molten lava.

When the molten material (magma) escaped from the interior of earth and reached to the surface of the earth, researchers used to collect the sample and go with laboratory analysis. With this we can guess what is inside the earth.

However we cannot ascertain the depth of the source of magma.

Indirect Sources

As we discussed earlier, indirect sources comprises mining, gravitational forces and meteors.

We know through the mining activity that temperature and pressure increased with the increasing distance from the surface towards the interior in deeper depths. It is also known as that the density of material will get more density if we go much deep.

So mining activity gives us some more valuable information’s like pressure, temperature and density of the interior earth in different depths.


Another important source is meteors. Meteors are not from the internal part of earth. Even though scientist used to get information from this because the material structure of meteors is similar to that of earth structure. These are solid bodi

Meteors earth

es developed out of materials same like earth.


Gravitational Force

The Gravitational force is not as same as in every part of the world. It varies. In the poles gravitational force will be more comparing with the equator regions. This is because of the distance from the center at the equator is more than that at the poles.

The gravity value also differs according to the mass of material. The uneven distribution of mass of material also influences gravitational force. The reading shows that the gravity differs at different places are influenced by various factors. Difference is gravity is called as gravity anomaly.

Gravity anomalies also tell us the mass distribution of the earth.

Let’s see How Earth Quake wave’s forms? in the next chapter.

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